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Stephanie here a 100% Klaroline lover! I'm an avid Klaroline supporter. Anything we do as a fandom I take part in and promote the shit out of it. They are my Vampire Diaries OTP till the day the show ends. I will write any Klaroline requests that you have. FIll my ask box with a BUNCH of drabbles I really don't mind. Should you need to contact me I can be reached at my blog email, Klarolinedrabbles@aol.com. I look forward to hearing from you!
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A/N: Just a drabble I wrote up, I’m a bit rusty so apologies. This is what destructive habits I think Klaus has in his down time in New Orleans. Mild Smut involved. And Klaroline, obvs.

Crawling Back to You

Yet again he found himself seated in the wicker chair that had become like a second home. Klaus remembered it had been a gift from an old friend, but who exactly he could no longer recall.
That was the habit of his nature, outliving friends or waiting until they outgrew his company. This was a reality that crippled others like him, but no one was quite like him. It never bothered him if the pawns in his sophisticated games shifted, and in a few months he’d probably forget them, but his blonde temptress had been a different matter from the start.
With careless fingers he gripped the rim of another scotch glass, the prospect of the caramel poison spilling out onto the floor did not concern him. Only one thing ever did when he got like this - Caroline.

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klaroline’s journey » dangerous liaisons (II)


Klaroliners’ here is the Enzi story and how the ship was created, brought to you by the Klaroline shippers on Twitter. Enjoy!

A long time ago in a place called Klaroland there was a Klaroline shipper called, Kayla and she crackshipped Enzi- Enzo and Camille. Not sure if she was serious at the time, but lets not judge.



A few other KCers joined her. But the story really started today, when a war brewed in the Klaroline fandom between Mami and Enzi.

Mami: Matt and Camille

Enzi: Enzo and Camille (OTP)

KCers picked sides and it was divided and tensions rouse, although Enzi came out on top- just saying.

There were edits, drabbles and songs created for both ships by Klaroline shippers. And even a poll created to see which ship was better- Enzi won of course *hairflip*

Then, even Leah and Malarkey got involved on Twitter with KCers.




Basically It was a fun way to release some frustration with the lack of Klaroline news and scenes. It was our way to have fun and troll within our fandom.

And we never fail at making our own entertainment.

Tomorrow Klaroliners’ are trending ‘Raining Enzi In Our Hearts’ at 3pm EST and 8pm UK. 

Enzi is for the Klaroline fandom, by the Klaroline fandom. You heard it here first! 

The end.

I’ve been reading the updates from the Klaroline Skype group chat, and I have to say that this was so great. We sure know how to party, KC Family. Best fandom in the universe, and I love you all. <3

Anonymous asked: "who the fuck multiships KC and KH? no one does. if you ship one, you hate the other. there's really no point putting something that's clearly about 1 ship into the other ship's tags. honestly if you're in a fandom, you should know better..."


Eh, there are people who ship both or multiple ships, I don’t understand it but I have no problem with that. My problem is people who come into the KC tag to start shit and then have the gall to tell us to chill. Fuck that noise.

This is about that ridiculous ‘Find your chill Klaroline fandom’ post from earlier today, right? Yeah, that was the worst. Why the hell do we have to relax, when there’s BS in the tag? Fuck thaaaaat.

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hellsbellschime said: Yeah, well it must suck to know that the only way to get anyone to give a fuck about your lame ship or your lame drama is to actively seek them out and pick a fight with them. They’ve really devised quite the attention-getting strategy.


hellocutepanda said: I think it is hilarious they tag their shit with Klaroline in order to “get the word out” - because there are about 5 people who actually look at their tag.

Lmao! I know right?!

kc nostalgia meme || [1/6] modes of behavior → cat & mouse

Anonymous asked: "Favorite book? Favorite song that always makes you think about your OTP? What's the one place you feel like you must visit before you die?"

My favorite book is ‘The Picture of Dorian Gray’ by Oscar Wilde, ‘Don’t Deserve You’ by Plumb will always and forever remind me about Klaroline, and if I don’t visit Spain before I die; I will be extremely upset. :) Thanks so much for asking!

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Anonymous asked: "Favourite time of the day (e.g. 12 pm)? Pancakes or waffles? Do you like dark chocolate?"

My favorite time of day is the early evening; at around 6 PM, Pancakes, and yes I do! :)

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